REALTOR® Benefits

The Granite State South Board of REALTORS® is a trade association founded in 1974 to provide an avenue for education, research, and the exchange of information among its members. We are a valued source of real estate related information for the public and local government. GSSBR represents over 750 REALTOR® and Affiliate members. We dedicate our organization to helping REALTORS® both educationally and professionally through courses and seminars, as well as marketing and advertising.

What's In It for You and Your Business?

Plenty. But we don't expect you to believe us until you take a good look at what the REALTOR® family can offer you. Obtaining your real estate license took time, intelligence, commitment and was your first step on your journey toward a successful career in real estate.

Why stop there? It only makes sense for you to continue building on what you've worked so hard to achieve.

The Power of the REALTOR® Brand

Did you know the term REALTOR® is a registered mark of the National Association of REALTORS® and can only be used by members of the REALTOR® organization? All three levels of the REALTOR® organization (local, state and national) are here to help you succeed as a real estate professional. Just as you serve your clients, the REALTOR® organization exists to support its members. Nowhere else can you join a premier trade association that truly represents the interests of its Members.

What's in a brand? You probably recognize brands from McDonald's to Microsoft without even realizing it. Brands are symbols that make personal connections to consumers by evoking thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Branding helps people understand what a business or service is and for what it stands.

As a member of the Granite State South Board of REALTORS, the New Hampshire Association of REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®, you have the power of the REALTOR® brand working for you and your business.

Research shows that consumers will pay more for a brand if they believe in its quality. NAR commissioned a study with a leading brand valuation firm and discovered that the REALTOR® brand is worth, on average, more than $4,500 annually to each individual member, and that the average lifetime value of the name REALTOR® is $32,000. That means that it would cost the average real estate professional that much money to license a brand worth as much as the REALTOR® name.

The REALTOR® Image

In a time when there have been questions about the value of using a REALTOR® one of the most important tasks we face is communicating the value we bring to the real estate transaction. On every level of the REALTOR® organization the Good Neighbor Program gives REALTORS® an opportunity to earn an award of money for their charities.

Local – GSSBR is the local face of REALTORS®. Through its membership to the Chamber of Commerce, fundraising for local charities such as food pantries, fuel assistance programs, the Dream Factory, and other community involvement we create a positive image for local REALTORS®.

State – NHAR has produced an image campaign including both print and radio advertising. In addition, they have created a Disaster Relief Fund along with other charitable giving initiatives.

National – NAR produced a REALTOR® Image campaign consisting of both print and television ads. They have taken a leadership role in fundraising for the victims of national disasters in support of home ownership issues.

Code of Ethics

Part of what distinguishes REALTORS® from other real estate professionals is the REALTOR® Code of Ethics to which members of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® adhere.

The Code of Ethics defines the way REALTORS® do business, as well as how REALTORS® interact with clients, customers, the general public and each other.

The Code of Ethics is the foundation of the REALTOR® organization. It gives every member a standard by which they pledge to conduct their business. In addition, it gives members a method of resolving disputes without costly litigation.

Local – GSSBR provides education for members, committee members, and leadership regarding the Code of Ethics. The Professional Standards Committee, Grievance Committee, and Mediation Committee provide the process by which disputes are resolved. Our Board Counsel may also participate in the hearing process.

State – NHAR provides the Legal Hotline, the Professional Standards Workshop, training classes, and Professional Standards hearings and Mediation when they can’t be handled at the local Board.

National - NAR maintains the Code of Ethics, produced the Professional Standards Manual and supporting materials, provides materials and training for REALTORS® and staff, and maintains a library of supporting materials at

Your Membership Benefits are a very long list:

  • & REALTOR® Magazine
  • Information Central
  • Member Discounts on Avis, Hertz, FedEx, Xerox, Dell, etc.
  • Federal legislative & regulatory representation
  • National sales statistics, commentary, and analysis
  • Real estate specialty information & education
  • Center for REALTOR® Technology
  • The REALTOR® Credit Union
  • Top-flight conferences & trade shows
  • REALTOR® Image National Television Advertising
  • Field guides
  • NH Zip Forms
  • Many low-cost or free education programs & events
  • High-quality, low-cost networking opportunities
  • Local monitoring of legislative & regulatory issues
  • REALTOR® Resource Store
  • Lowes FREE online marketing program
  • Local sales statistics
  • Helpful, friendly staff
  • REALTOR Public Image promotions
  • Local internet advertising of Real Estate Broker Opens/educational/charitable events
  • GSSBR Caravans
  • and much more…

Your payoff in increased information and professionalism will be tremendous!


Education & Professional Development

Local – GSSBR provides a variety of training opportunities and continuing education and non-credit classes that will keep you up to date in the fast-paced industry of real estate. These classes also provide an avenue for networking with other agents and brokers. Some of these classes are a monthly lunch for free called Lunch & Learn, the Ground Up Series on new construction, Roundtable meetings for various timely topics, and general membership meetings with educational guest speakers. We also provide appraisal classes, as well as Core and Elective courses toward credit and re-licensure, and InnoVia training courses.

State – NHAR provides the Quick Start Program, GRI classes, the Leadership Symposium, as well as classes and national speakers at the yearly convention. Their Training Calendar provides a full list of education offered through NHAR and throughout the state.

National – NAR provides opportunities for designations, numerous training classes for leadership and staff, and volumes of educational information on, as well as information for brokers to assist brokers with office meetings.

Government Affairs

Local – Government actions and decisions can directly affect the real estate industry. GSSBR monitors local issues and communicates information regarding meetings, elections, etc. on issues that impact the real estate industry and home ownership. Our RPAC/Government Affairs Committee helps to keep our members up-to-date on the local, state, and national governmental issues that involve REALTORS® and towns in our jurisdiction. We help to encourage REALTOR® political involvement by hosting political forums with elected officials and by informing our members of any issues of concern through e-mail or meetings.

State – NHAR has a very active Government Affairs Committee which monitors and advocates for the interests of REALTORS® and home owners.

National – one of the largest political action committees, NAR is very active in supporting the best interest of the REALTORS® and home owners. Recent issues include banks in real estate, group health insurance for REALTORS® and help homeowners facing foreclosure.

Other Benefits

  • Zip Forms – Members gain access to the approved electric version of the NHAR approved forms.
  • The Tech Hotline – a helpline for computer hardware, PDA’s and peripherals, software including Microsoft products, Top Producer, On Line Agent, True Forms, etc. and internet/e-mail issues.
  • Marketing Materials – GSSBR has a growing store of items available, as well as E-mail Broadcasting to help REALTORS® promote their listings. NAR has a large inventory of marketing materials in the store on
  • Networking Opportunities – Every week, GSSBR organizes a caravan tour. Each week, at least two different areas are on a caravan. Not only is this an opportunity to meet other REALTORS®, but it is also a FREE way to see what is on the market and a simple way to receive numerous different opinions on your listings. GSSBR also offers many different membership meetings and social events, such as our annual golf tournament, annual Halloween Party, and annual Holiday Party that help our members, both REALTOR® members and Affiliate members, to meet and communicate with each other.

Meetings and Conventions

  • Local meetings give members a chance to network, learn, have fun with their fellow local Board members, meet speakers, and learn about local market statistics.
  • The NHAR Convention is a statewide opportunity to network learn, and have fun with REALTORS® from across New Hampshire
  • The National Convention, hosted by NAR, is a chance to meet REALTORS® from across the entire nation, hear national speakers, and learn from great classes on a wide selection of industry related topics.

If you'd like to apply to GSSBR, please visit our Join GSSBR page to find the applicable application.